It may have not been the main theme of the #SEMA2017 show but it was sure up there...What trend do you ask? We're talking about the hipster millennial craze to own vintage vehicles like pickup trucks from your Dad's youth.

As we walked around the SEMA show floor the vehicles getting the most oo's and ah's were not the NEW products but those rare dodo birds like say a Chevy Highlander 50 Pickup.

SEMA Photo Gallery

Don't get us wrong...Those products LOOK amazing and evoke emotion but God forbid if you ever own one and use it as a daily driver. TURN YOUR WATCHES BACK 50 YEARS.

And they cost a fortune to buy on the used market! Probably DOUBLE what they cost 24 months ago.

So our question to you is WHAT is the fascination with these dinosaurs and WHY are they so hot right now?

Let's lift up a Craft IPA (not while driving!), take our socks off and stroke our beard and discuss the answer in the comments below...

The 2017 SEMA photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus. We have almost 1000 photos from the show don't miss the best shots of SEMA on earth! 

SEMA Photo Gallery


SEMA Photo Gallery

#SEMA2017 Tell Us Why Hipster Millennials Are So In Love With Vintage Rides That Honestly Drive Like Crap?

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