While I was at the dealer over the weekend, I was surprised to see the all-new BMW X3 sitting right there. They're moving this baby along quite fast.

That said, the big deal about the all-new X3 is that it's taking the nameplate yet another step further. The first-gen X3 was, frankly, a dog. I know as I used to drive one. Although it had power, the suspension was tuned far too tight to give drivers a more car-like experience. 

The second-gen was a major step in the right direction; however, there's always room for improvement.

This brings us to the third-gen model. So, what's it like? See below, Spies. I could probably do without an on-track review since this use case is pretty much all for naught, but hey, let's see how she sticks on the tarmac when pushed to the limits.

The all new 2018 BMW X3 M40i is the first X3 ever to get an ///M treatment, so it is as good on the road as it is on the track!

DRIVEN + VIDEO: The All-new BMW X3 M40i Gets Taken On The Track, Results May Vary...

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