I have to be straightforward with you all. I despise the word hypercar. It's just so...unnecessary.

There's cars. There's sports cars. And then there's supercars. 

"Hypercar" is a word created by people that like to categorize music by throwing the kitchen sink in with categorizations like "new age synth pop." Long story short, let's get to the news.

McLaren is making waves today with a teaser shot of its all-new supercar, the P15. Consider this the follow up to the legendary F1 and the five year old P1. According to McLaren this all-new supercar will be unlike anything the company has produced to date, which leaves us wondering a bit.

Is it going to be more Formula 1-like? Perhaps more akin to a prototype racer a la the Ford GT?

Something tells us it's going to be quite extreme. Perhaps it's McLaren's own words in the Instagram post below that have our hopes fantastically high?

That said, do the Spies have any expectations around what this all-new McLaren should be like or feature?

P15 arrives on December 10.

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