One of my favorite cars of all time is the 2016-2017 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S. It's about 90 percent perfect, overall. There's just a couple minor things that need to be fixed. Aside from that, to me it's the crown jewel of what Aston Martin builds. 

Well, at least until the DB11 appeared but I haven't piloted it yet.

That said, the all-new era of Aston Martin vehicles have been ushered in with the DB11. Following up on that vehicle's success is the all-new Vantage. To me an incredibly large part of this vehicle's cachet will be determined by how slick its design is.

Simply put, the last-gen Vantage is in my opinion one of the best looking vehicles ever produced. The proportions are exacting and the lines are crisp like a perfectly pressed suit. 

Following up on its look though is how well the all-new Aston drives. The last-gen Vantage was considered the driver's choice and we this to continue. Though we're pretty much 99 percent sure it will make use of an AMG powerplant, my fingers are crossed for a V12 variant. 

Not much longer now. The Vantage debuts on November 21. 


Two exceptional drivers, one empty racetrack... #NewVantage

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