Toyota has released an all-new image of a vehicle it's bringing along to the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS). While it is quite dark with only a slew of lights visible, we can tell one thing:

It's going to be some sort of badass pick-up truck or sport-utility vehicle. 

As these are all the fashion these days, we're pretty excited to see what Toyota has up its sleeve. Given the FT-AC nomenclature, we're thinking it's a concept version of a next-gen, FJ-type vehicle that's been awaiting a replacement since 2014. 

While the front grille is completely blacked out, I have to say the rest of what is visible reminds me of a more purposeful design with squared off edges. I am seeing a little Range Rover here, and it's not a bad thing. Granted, there's a whole lot more to see. 

I swear if Toyota ruins this by placing a peculiar front end on it a la the all-new Camry, it will be a huge let down.

That said, any initial thoughts, Spies? Could this potentially be the vehicle of the LA Auto Show?

#LAAUTOSHOW: TEASED! Is Toyota's All-new FT-AC Potentially The Show Stealer For La La Land?

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