Yesterday night was a big one for anyone in the transportation industry. That's because, simply put, the head honcho of Tesla, Elon Musk, revealed not one but two products.

And they both have the potential to be game changers in two completely different ways.

REVEALED: Tesla SEMI and Tesla Roadster

With the reveal of an all-new Tesla SEMI, the electric vehicle manufacturer is looking to change the inefficiencies experienced with diesel haulers. Slated to hit production in 2019, it seems pretty quick for a company that's still having difficulty hitting its forecasted production for the Model 3 sedan — you know, the vehicle that is needed to help shore up the operation's financial mess.

While folks may have tuned in for the SEMI reveal, the reality is no one cared about it after the all-new Roadster appeared for the very first time. The high-performance two-door coupe seats four but you'd never know it. That's because the thing does zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds. Well, that's the goal at least. What was shown last night is merely a concept and the figures Musk mentioned are merely goals the company is striving for. 

After looking at the information, images and deck, I have to say that I am torn on the whole shebang. A part of me feels like this may be history in the making and the end of internal combustion engines is in sight. Hell, Musk finally came clean and owned it already — he wants to put an end to ICEs, forever. On the flip side; however, I couldn't get over the rather slimey ask for $50,000 to reserve a Roadster that's said to be due out in 2020. Given the Model 3's timelines, I'd say it'll be more like 2022 and that's if the factory builds the damn things right and there's no bottlenecks to speak of. A part of me felt like I had just watched the greatest Kickstarter campaign, ever. 

So, Spies. What do YOU make of it? Was Tesla's big announcements the making of HISTORY or merely the greatest SHOW on Earth?

REVEALED: Tesla SEMI and Tesla Roadster

Did Tesla's Announcements Yesterday Make HISTORY Or Is It The GREATEST Kickstarter Campaign, Ever?

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