The past week has been a rather exciting one when it comes to automobile debuts. That's because we're seeing major reveals from just about everyone.

Hell, even a semi got plenty of buzz.

That said, let's get down to brass tacks. Easily one of the most talked about product debuts was the all-new Tesla Roadster. And it's arguably one of the most polarizing happenings in the automotive industry as of late. But one takeaway that I think about 90 percent of folks who are dialed in walked away with was this: The all-new Roadster at least looked very good even if it is a bit suspect.

Fast forward to today. Aston Martin has dropped the covers on an all-new vehicle. Following what I'd consider one of the best automotive designs to ever grace our presence, the new Vantage has a helluva set of shoes to fill. So, did it?

Well, I'll let you be the judge. 

The Aston is an evolution of what we already know in the automotive world whereas the Roadster is an all-new, innovative take. Having said that, we just want to cut to the chase here and keep this simple: Based on LOOKS alone, WHICH vehicle do YOU think looks best? The Aston or the Tesla?

Based On LOOKS Alone, Who Wins The Beauty Contest? Aston or Tesla?

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