If you have ever had the pleasure of piloting the Ferrari 488 Spider or McLaren 650S Spider, you know how good a topless exotic can get. All the sounds are right, the power is immense and the overall experience is dreamlike. 

There's just one problem: Unless you have an abandoned airport's runway or you've bought track time, it's rare that you get to really stretch these vehicle's legs out. 

What you really want is a better balance. And that's where cars like the McLaren 570S Spider come into the mix. It's the not the full banana but, perhaps, you don't always need to bring a sledgehammer to hammer in a nail.

Having said that, Motor Trend's Jethro Bovington gives us the 411 when it comes to the all-new McLaren 570S Spider. Given its high praise from MT last year, can last year's best driver's car get even MORE awards under its belt?

On this episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack (, Jethro Bovingdon heads to the stunning roads of Scotland to try McLaren’s newest supercar. Just last year, the Coupé version of the 570S was crowned MOTOR TREND’s Best Driver’s Car against fierce opposition. Now it’s been given the Spider treatment and McLaren claim that thanks to its carbon-fiber structure, it loses precisely nothing in the metamorphosis. So is the dream of a convertible supercar with no compromise PR puff or a thrilling reality? Scotland’s wickedly fast and bumpy roads are the perfect place to find out.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: McLaren's All-new 570S Spider — Is It The BEST Topless Supercar On The Market Right Now? We Find Out...

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