As noted in a previous thread from this week, which detailed the all-new Volvo XC40, luxury sport-utility vehicles are hot right now. So much so that when Jaguar brought forth the F-Pace it gave the British luxury marque a much-needed boost in the arm.

Now that the F-Pace ship has sailed though, what else does the leaping cat have in store, you ask?

2017 Los Angeles Auto Show

That's where the E-Pace comes into the picture. The E slots in below the F-Pace, which is a mid-size SUV. The E will be the more intimate space, much like the XE is to the XF. 

Agent 001 did good today. Not only did he work the show in his lonesome, he managed to capture plenty of shots of the all-new E-Pace to let you get an up close and personal look at Jaguar's most affordable SUV. 

Take a peek at the BEST E-Pace auto show pictures and let us know if you think the E-Pace is up your alley.

The Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

2017 Los Angeles Auto Show

#LAAUTOSHOW: Does Jaguar's All-new E-Pace Have That Certain SWAGGER That Will Beckon You To Your Nearest Showroom?

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