One of the most advanced vehicles on the planet is the all-new Audi A8. It's jam-packed with the latest whiz-bang gadgets. 

But does that in of itself make it a good car? Absolutely not.

2017 Los Angeles Auto Show

In a purchasing decision, one of the most important factors is a vehicle's design. Guess what, folks. People still largely consider autos a status symbol. After months and months of hype, we were expecting the Marc Lichte era to kick off with a bang a la the Lexus LS, which has serious attitude. The A8 is far more subdued.

One could argue that the four rings is catering to an older, more conservative, executive crowd. One could also argue this move gives it a rather bland appearance when this vehicle needs to be a statement piece. 

For example, when an S-Class rolls up to a venue, you know someone has arrived.

That said, I've got to ask: Are you IMPRESSED or DEPRESSED with the all-new Audi A8? Is it leaving you in AWE or is it just too BLAND for your taste?

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2017 Los Angeles Auto Show

#LAAUTOSHOW: IMPRESSED or DEPRESSED? Is The All-new Audi A8 Leaving You In Awe Or Is It Too Milquetoast?

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