It's been about one week since the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) and, frankly, after several years of a rather tidy show, it seems like this year all the stops were removed. This sort of has us wondering if automakers may have spilled the beans a wee bit too early before the 2018 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS). 

Time will tell.

Best of 2017 LA Auto Show (LAAS)

Having said that, the chief at AutoSpies — Agent 001 — has launched a retrospective gallery that shows YOU the best shots from the show. If you've been looking for the highlights from LA, then look no further.

Keep in mind this is just the first story showcasing the BEST of the best, so, stay tuned for a final, part II thread. 

Let us know which vehicles from LA spoke to you!

The Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus.

Best of 2017 LA Auto Show (LAAS)

The BEST Of The BEST, Part I: Agent 001 Launches The Cream Of The Crop From La La Land — Don't MISS LAAS At Its Finest

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