If you haven't been asleep at the wheel, you probably have been noticing that there is a race going on. It's between the automakers and the technology providers. 

Who can deliver a fully fledged, self-driving auto?

One would think that it should go to the auto manufacturers but if we're honest that's not always a safe bet. Just look at how much the auto space has been disrupted in the past 24 months thanks to the likes of Tesla, self-driving tech and ride sharing services.

The space appears to be grossly underprepared when it comes to a war to the middle.

So when Apple does a demo of its very own, proprietary self-driving auto technology you have to wonder: Why? This is a company that keeps everything under lock and key.

Do YOU feel that Apple will be the first company to deliver the public what it wants?

A driverless car system under development at Apple has been showcased to a select group of machine learning experts.

The firm's director of AI is reported to have shared secret details of its ongoing automated motoring projects at an industry event.

This is believed to included the tech company's self-driving technology that uses laser sensors, called 'VoxelNet', to spot cyclists and pedestrians...

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Apple PRIVATELY Demos Its AI-assisted, Self-driving Car Tech — Are You Putting Money On Apple To Deliver The Goods?

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