The last-gen BMW M5 was loved and hated. It was loved because it featured a super powerful motor and brought back the company's classic styling. It was hated because it was considered a bit too soft and the exhaust seemed a bit muffled by the turbocharged eight-cylinder engine. 

Now we have the all-new BMW M5. 

Not much has changed in the engine department. Sure, it's making more power and all that but it still is a forced induction V8. What I have noticed, however, is that BMW has improved its exhaust notes over the years. 

That said, I haven't had a really good listen to the all-new M5 until now. In the clip below, we get to hear the latest M car under wide open throttle. 

So, does it pass your test? Does the all-new M5 sound like a STUD or DUD?

Watch as we take the M5 through the serpentine roads on the outskirts of Lisbon, rev in a tunnel, bullet down a highway, snake through the twisty mountainous hills, and overtake a speedy cyclist. The M5 exhaust sounds proper, louder, more aggressive than before, and a more complete and cohesive symphony with deeper tones and frightening backfire crackles – rather similar notes to the E 63 AMG.


STUD or DUD: Does The All-new BMW M5's Exhaust Sound AWESOME or AWFUL?

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