While I don't always love the style of Chris Harris' reviews, there's no denying one thing: The boy can drive. That said, he hasn't had the chance to give his thoughts on the latest from Lamborghini — the Huracan Performante. 

So, what does he think?

I'll leave it to you to watch the clip below; however, I think the most salient point in his brief take is that Lamborghini has done something different here. While it's autos tend to be more about showmanship than being driver's cars, the Performante was built with the driver in mind.

I have to agree. The Aventador is a bit too big, clumsy and heavy for its own good. And the all-wheel drive Huracan is extremely fast but can be a bore due to its tendency to understeer. The rear-wheel drive Huracan is a huge step in the right direction but the Performante is on another level. 

Check out Harris' take, below and let us know your thoughts.

The Lamborghini Huracán Performante grabbed headlines for its Nürburgring lap record. But how does it fair on a small British circuit in less favourable conditions? Chris Harris finds out!

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Top Gear's Chris Harris Wrings Out The Lamborghini Huracan Performante — The Verdict?

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