Even though is based in Texas now, we still love the town where Auto Spies was born and the San Diego Auto Show. It's called America's Finest City and it would be hard for us to argue against that claim.

Even though it doesn't garner a lot of headlines, the foot traffic at the show is one of the highest of any show on earth. Most known as a dealer/consumer show, this year's show is the best we've been to in years with a LOT of nice product being displayed.

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

So rather than me jabbering on like a monkey in a tree, let's get to the good stuff!

The PHOTOS from the show floor.

We've combined the photos with the Detroit Auto Show Preview gallery for easy viewing of both. You won't wanted to miss ANY of the shots!

And tell us which models stick out to you and your favorites...The San Diego Auto Show-Where the rubber meets the waves.

With other sites you're a spectator but with it's like you're THERE!

The Detroit Auto Show coverage is sponsored by Lexus.

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

EXCLUSIVE! FIRST And BEST Photos From The San Diego Auto Show Floor! Smokin' Hot!

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