If there's one place I'd rather be right now, it would be San Diego. I just checked my local temperature and it's 10 degrees fahrenheit. Ugh.

After leafing through Agent 001's snaps from today, I have to say that one display did impress me over pretty much all the others. That would be Volvo's.

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

While I think it's pretty obvious that Mercedes-Benz has been on a roll for the past 18 or so months, there's zero hesitation in my mind that Volvo isn't having the same success from a product perspective. With the XC90, S90, V90 and now the all-new XC60, the company is just head and shoulders above the competition. 

Seriously, the products are gorgeous, inside and out. 

Although I don't think they drive the best or have great powertrains, I become a bit more convinced everyday that the general consumer doesn't care about that kind of stuff. They want their vehicle to look good, be reliable/safe, maybe have some pep and be affordable. 

All that said, I want to know: IF you were buying a Volvo tomorrow, WHICH would YOU pick? The V90, XC90 or XC60 pictured below?

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

#SDAutoShow: If You Were Buying A Volvo Tomorrow, Would YOU Pick The V90, XC90 OR XC60? GO!

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