So in today's weird news, we've got an interesting story coming to you from where else but Florida. 

According to reports, an all-new Ferrari California T was stolen December 8. And when I say "all-new," I mean it. The vehicle still had the window sticker attached. Nabbed with an Uber driver behind the wheel, the alleged thief told the police officers who stopped him it was a friends' vehicle.

Well, considering the police scanners read the New York state license plate as stolen that clearly didn't add up.

In addition, the driver noted that he was an Uber driver. Of course there wasn't a passenger in the Ferrari at the time of the stop. Whether or not the arrested individual is an actual Uber driver is not clear. 

Note to law-abiding citizens: License plate scanners aren't so bad after all as the actual owner of the California T now, rightfully, has their car back.

Florida Uber driver has been charged after police say he stole a $250,000 Ferrari that still had the dealership sticker on the window.

Hilburn Jay Brendon Hunkins, 26, of Kissimmee, was pulled over on Thursday around 8.30am after an officer noticed a black 2017 Ferrari California with stolen plates driving slowly beside a 'high-end' red Corvette on State Road 93, reported Action News Jax.

According to the police report, Hunkins told the officer that the Ferrari belonged to a friend...

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All-new Ferrari California T That Was STOLEN By

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