If you weren't aware, Spies, the folks at Land Rover are giving its existing products some serious interior revamps. That's because the all-new Velar featured all-new infotainment technology.

That means updated displays in the instrument panel, a new display in the center stack as well as a new touch screen on the center console. If you've ever owned anything British, you know it's probably a bit concerning for that much tech to be jammed in a Land Rover but we'll see how the vehicle ages.

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

Having said that, these updates for 2018 means that the design team did a minor refresh of the Range Rover's interior. If you were to ask Agent 001 and I, we'd probably be hard pressed to find a better sport-utilty vehicle interior as the Rover tends to have a nice mix of masculinity and well thought out design. 

Forget about the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Forget about the Q7-in-disguise Bentley Bentayga. 

What say you, Spies? Does anyone make a better SUV interior than the Land Rover Range Rover LWB?

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

#SDAutoShow: Does Anyone Make A Better SUV Interior Than The Land Rover Range Rover LWB?

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