Doug DeMuro deserves respect. 

Although I've playfully teased at the YouTube presenter's skills in front of the camera, the reality is this. He is one of the best compensated automotive reviewers, globally. And, he's doing it on his terms. 

That means no fancy production value and a "just the facts, ma'am," Joe Friday approach. And like most reviewers, now and then he flubs a point. So what? It's bound to happen if you spend enough time in front of the camera. I know as I did it myself.

This week DeMuro posted a very cool review. That's because he's branched out from reviewing the latest, all-new products. This time around he drove and detailed a vintage Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, which is one of my favorite cars of all time. 

Rather than waste any more time, check out his review of the V12 F car, below!

The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso is one of the most beautiful vintage Ferrari models. Today I’m reviewing this Ferrari Lusso to show you why the 250 Lusso is worth $3 million.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: A Review Unlike Any Other — Doug DeMuro Samples A Multi-million Dollar Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

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