It's been really interesting to watch each German marque's high-performance outfit mature. Frankly, some are doing it way better than others. 

When I look at, say, BMW's M division, only two vehicles really speak to me: The M2 and the X5M. Mercedes-AMG is more of the same: S65 Coupe and the GLC63 sport-utility vehicle. 

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

So when I saw that Agent 001 snapped pics of Audi's RS cars at the San Diego Auto Show, my wheels started turning. I haven't decided which RS car moves the needle for me, but I wanted to check in with the Spies first.

Having said that, WHICH RS car does it for YOU?

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

#SDAutoShow: Pick YOUR Audi RS Model — WHICH RS Car Does It For YOU? RS3? RS5? RS7? TT RS?

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