It seems that as Mercedes-Benz continues to simplify its nomenclature that the company's existing products will be adapted. This means that the all-new A-Class will replace the well-known CLA-Class here in the North American market. 

While the three-pointed star has teased this particular, next-gen product, we've been eagerly awaiting details before the A-Class' debut, which is slated for March.

We've been dialed in, thanks to the folks over at Autocar. Recently, it had the chance to go on a ride along in an all-new A-Class prototype in Sweden, which is where the vehicle is undergoing winter testing. 

See the excerpt below so you can understand where Mercedes-Benz is taking its entry-level luxury car and let us know if you like what you hear so far.

...For our first stint in the new A-Class, we’re in the entry-level diesel variant, the 1.5-litre A160d, on public roads near Arvidsjaur in the north of Sweden, where Mercedes has been busy cold-weather testing its entry-level model.

Although we’ve only experienced the new Mercedes from the passenger seat, it certainly feels smoother and more controlled than its predecessor over rough roads, even with the torsion beam set-up and standard single rate dampers – the cheaper of the two suspension set-ups.

There’s greater absorption of road shock and less vertical movement over bumps, particularly at the rear.

As well as improvements in comfort, the noise, vibration and harshness levels are also better, and visibility appears superior, although we won’t know for sure until we are behind the wheel next year...

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FIRST Prototype Ride Along In The All-new, Next-gen Mercedes-Benz A-Class — Learn What's Changed, NOW

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