As 2017 comes to a close, every publication and their mother is doing recap stories. Obviously, this year was a big one for Ford who shipped its all-new GT to the first buyers. 

While many people in the enthusiast community made a fuss about it going from a supercharged V8 to a turbocharged six-cylinder powerplant, one thing's for sure: The new owners don't seem to care too much.

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

But after reading and watching reviews from this year, it got me thinking. Is the all-new Ford GT the BEST supercar money can buy today?

Sure, you can buy interesting used supercars like the Ferrari F40 but I want to restrict this to what you can get brand spankin' new. I am stretching the term a little bit since the 1,000 allocations are sold out from my understanding. 

The GT is quite literally a race car that's been adapted to the street. While others claim that, people who have had first-hand experience with the all-new GT say this is on a completely different level.

So, what say you, Spies?

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

#SDAutoShow: Is The Ford GT The BEST All-new Supercar Money Can Buy, Today?

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