In recent years it's become very obvious that the hot hatch segment is blossoming here stateside. While five doors used to be considered a doomed sales endeavor in the US, there's a slew of hot-selling hatchbacks on the market. 

And some of them can be a real blast out on the open road. 

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

The latest entrant to make a go for it is the Honda Civic Type R. While the Type R model has been available in other markets, this is the first-gen to be available for sale here. In other words, it's a big deal as the Volkswagen Golf R and Ford Focus RS have been dueling it out. 

That said, the Type R is easily the most aggressive design of the trio. It's quite...loud...for a lack of better words. We think it works for its targeted demographic; however, we were just a wee bit curious:

IF you were an automotive designer at Honda, WHAT would YOU propose to change on the Type R's design?

San Diego Auto Show / Detroit Auto Show Preview

#SDAutoShow: IF You Were An Automotive Designer, WHAT Would YOU Change About The Honda Civic Type R?

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