Now that 2017 is in the history books, it's time to start looking at the numbers. For automakers and industry analysts, this is a critical point in time to understand trends and happenings within the space.

One thing we can all be certain of: Sport-utility vehicles still have buyers attention in a BIG way. 

And while earlier this week I celebrated my Top 007 FAVORITE vehicles of 2017, it seems that the folks over at Autoblog put together its own Top 10 list. The difference is their list zooms in on the vehicles that sold the most poorly. Although, I must say, there are a couple peculiarities on here. 

Having said that, I am a bit curious: Are ANY of these vehicles a SURPRISE to you?

So, here we go: 

10) Mercedes-Benz B-Class EV — 744 units sold
9) Dodge SRT Viper — 585 units sold
8) Acura NSX — 581 units sold
7) Nissan GT-R — 578 units sold
6) BMW i8 — 488 units sold
5) Kia K900 — 455 units sold
4) Alfa Romeo 4C — 407 units sold
3) Bentley Flying Spur — 257 units sold
2) Bentley Mulsanne — 98 units sold
1) Ford GT — 89 units sold

These Are The Top 10 WORST Selling Cars Of 2017 — Are Any Of These A SURPRISE To You?

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