While I have certainly spent a lot of time in traffic court and I have a pretty damn good understanding of traffic law at this point, I will admit that I do not know everything. Especially in a tricky situation like this.

In a viral video that's been working its way around Instagram, it perfectly captures an automotive accident.

Involved are a BMW 1-Series and a second-generation Toyota Prius.

It appears a friend of the 1-Series driver was filming them doing a flyby at a high rate of speed for whatever reason. As they're not doing it in on a closed course or in a desolate area, there are normal people going about their business as per usual. A Prius driver enters the intersection and makes a right turn onto a two-lane road and enters the leftmost lane. This is the lane the BMW is clearly speeding in. The BMW hits the brakes but there's not enough space and blam-o you have a major collision.

Here's what's obvious: 

1) There's no question the BMW driver was speeding; and,
2) There's no question the Prius driver was making an unsafe turn.

So, who's at fault, Spies?

The good news? According to the post, no one was seriously injured in the accident. Very, very lucky situation here.

Apologies for the language, which is why we marked it NSFW.

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