One thing I truly love about covering the automotive market and all-new products is the evaluation of their design. Having met and discussed design at length with many of the industry's best, it is so incredibly complex and beyond your imagination.

That's why I was taken aback by the all-new McLaren Senna. 

While I know it's rather brutish appearance is due to the vehicle's on-track needs and a "function over form" approach, it is not the most attractive looking product. As I've said previously, it's more Gumpert Apollo than McLaren 720S. 

As long as it turns out the most staggering numbers around a track though, ultimately, does it matter? Shrug.

Having said that, a photographer nabbed the all-new McLaren Senna painted in black whilst fueling up. It does not appear to have the optional glass inserts in the door. 

So, how do you like it now?

McLaren Senna

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SPIED on the STREET! How Do YOU Like Me Now? McLaren's All-new Senna Spotted In Black

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