Last night marked a big night for Mercedes-Benz. That's because the company introduced an all-new G-Class sport-utility vehicle.

While many will look at the all-new G and say "Uh, what?" it has been completely changed although the bodywork is staggeringly similar. The vehicle's footprint has increased in all directions, essentially, and there's oodles of all-new technology that bring this SUV forward to present day.

Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

READ the all-new Mercedes-Benz G-Class' press release HERE!

But, there is just one thing that's important here. It doesn't abandon what made the G-Class so iconic. 

The doors still shut with authority. It still boasts the locking differentials. It still looks like a military-spec box — of course it's not though.

And then something interesting happened. Two G-Classes pulled up and one took the summit at the top of Mercedes' makeshift mountain. Dieter ZIesch got out of one and gave a quick spiel. Then, Hollywood's Arnold Schwarzenegger got out of the other vehicle. There was some cringe-y banter where Arnold compared the G to his bodybuilding career and it didn't quite make sense but it didn't really matter. 

Duh, the governator will always be cool.

See what it looked like to reveal the all-new G in style at the well-known Michigan Theatre last night. 

The 2018 Detroit Auto Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus. 

Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

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