The Lexus LFA supercar was almost beyond comprehension. Jalopnik bossman Patrick George once described it perfectly “Its name stands for Lexus ***king Awesome.” Lexus knows we want another one, but will they ever build it? Well, it hasn’t said yes, but it hasn’t closed the door either.

The Lexus LFA was far removed from any other car that the Japanese luxury brand has made. It was a legit supercar, more Ferrari than Lexus, with a price-tag of almost $400,000. Under the hood was a screaming, naturally aspirated V10 that sounded like a Formula 1 race car.

Today it is still one of the rarest supercars you will ever encounter, as Lexus only made 500 copies between 2010 and 2012. Some are mysteriously still out there for sale as brand “new” cars.

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Should Lexus Follow The LFA Supercar With A Second Generation ?

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