When the first-gen Audi A7 made its primetime debut, we were stunned. It was an Audi with attitude. 

Although it had four doors and a fastback design, it brought something fresh to the table in the world of sedans. And, boy, did it look good. Remember, around the same time the BMW 5-Series GT appeared and it was a disgusting looking product. 

Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

Since we've seen the launch of the second-gen Audi A7 though, we're not so sure it can replicate the magic of the first-gen vehicle. It's kind of like the same problem the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class faced when is second-gen car was revealed to the public. 

It was nice but lacking a certain something the first-gen vehicle nailed from the start. 

Having said that, Agent 001 captured the all-new A7 in Motown for you to take a peek. How do YOU like it in these real-life snaps?

Let us know in the comments below!

The 2018 Detroit Auto Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus. 

Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

#NAIAS: All-new Audi A7 Appears In The States For The FIRST Time — How Do YOU Like It In These Real-Life Snaps?

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