The Lamborghini Aventador is and has been the object of affection for many. You can't blame people that adore it. 

With its razor sharp styling, doors that go up and a screaming V12, it's pretty hard not to be taken by it. Even if it's an all-wheel drive porker that pushes into corners. But, even if you've been behind the wheel of the Aventador S, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize it is grossly becoming out of date. 

Just about as fast as it takes to hit 60 mph.

The most laughable part is the super antiquated Audi MMI interface being used for its interface, granted, who cares when you have 730 horsepower on tap. According to folks on the ground at this year's 2018 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) who spoke with the raging bull's director of R&D, the Italian marque is looking at how to modernize the powerplant of the Aventador replacement.

This may include batteries. 

Considering Lamborghini has been adamant about its powerplants remaining naturally aspirated, it makes sense. What is interesting to note, however, is the R&D guy's hammering on weight being the enemy. Perhaps this means even more use of carbon fiber and a smaller footprint? From the sounds of it, I think it's safe to say expect a single-clutch gearbox for the next-gen car — partially due to weight and partially due to the more involved driving experience. 

..."With the new Aventador we must decide what will be the future of the super sports car in terms of electric contribution. What way to manage the weight coming from electrification, and to be able to guarantee every way to have the DNA of a super sports car," he said.

When I asked if a V-12 was part of the future, Reggiani didn't mince words. "Yes. About V-12, I say, yes, yes, yes, yes," he said emphatically...

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