I know there's a lot of hate for Lexus' current design language but it does translate to one thing: Sales. 

Take, for example, the new Lexus RX. People have been trashing that vehicle's design since day one; however, it racked up 108k units sold in 2017. In 2016, it was more than 109k units. Need I really say more?

Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

So, when I see so much hate for the LF-1 Limitless' design, I must admit I don't think it really chalks up to much. 

And, to be straightforward, I really like the direction of this concept. It's supposed to be a performance-oriented, large sport-utility vehicle. With a footprint that's essentially the equivalent of today's Land Rover Range Rover, it's a massive SUV. 

What I dig about its cabin are the LC-inspired cues. They're damn near everywhere. Note: The driver-oriented cockpit. Hell, maybe Lexus could teach BMW a thing or two about how the Bavarians invented this. Also, bonus points for the RC F and GS F borrowed seating. 

All that said, I really wanted to revisit this vehicle again. That's because I do think it's great and demands some attention. If it gets the production green light, and I think it will, I am confident we're going to see a very successful selling product. 

The 2018 Detroit Auto Show photo galleries are sponsored by Lexus. 

Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

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