Almost as important as a company's product is its leadership team. Although I'd place product as the most important element of any business, management is a close second. 

That's because these are the folks that really determine a business' fate. 

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Further confirming this is a childhood friend that works at a long/short, buy-side fund. Long story short, if management sucks they're not making an investment. 

So when we see an automaker that "gets it," we get particularly jazzed up. We think Lexus is one of those companies. 

How do we know, you ask? Well, if you follow some of the company's moves over the past 10 years it has been remarkably consistent in pushing boundaries when necessary. Take, for example, the NX, RX and design language that ushered in the "spindle grille." 

While they're not perfect and could have ushered in faster redesigns for its product portfolio, it's slowly getting there. 

Having said that, it appears as though that Lexus' leadership is very keen on the LF-1 Limitless concept vehicle. Hopefully it gets fast tracked to production. 

On stage introducing the Lexus F-1 Limitless concept CUV at the North American International Auto Show, Jeff Bracken addresses his boss sitting in the audience.

“We have to build this vehicle,” Bracken, general manager of the Lexus in the U.S., tells Yoshihiro Sawa, head of 
Toyota’s luxury brand overall.

Bracken is quick to qualify. “I’m not saying that as an announcement,” he tells the audience as he stands next to the striking concept vehicle at center stage...

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