Part of owning and driving a car is that, eventually, you will crack it up. It's inevitable, especially as you rack up the miles. 

Over the years my daily driver Golf has gotten dinged in parking lots and even involved in a Brooklyn hit and run. My M2, only a month or two old at the time, had its doors kissed two times thanks to careless parking attendants. 

That's just life. You get them fixed and you move on. 

But it's a bit different if you're the owner of a McLaren P1, you make a miscalculation and blam-o(!) you curb the hell out of your supercar. The crunching sound of the carbon fiber is simply brutal. At the time of this writing, P1's are fetching anywhere from $2.3-2.8 million dollars. 

And it's even worse if it happens in front of camera-wielding enthusiasts at a Cars and Coffee event. Like MTV True Life: You think you know, but you have no idea. See the incident unfold below.

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VIDEO: The Crunching Sound Of A $2.5MM McLaren P1 Is ________ .

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