As time goes on, Agent 001 and I are keeping a close eye on inbound, all-new Jeep Wranglers. It could be because one of us has a pending order, or it could be because we're just super interested in seeing more real-world, production variations of the all-new Jeep. 

Hell, it could be both. 

That said, whether you love or hate the Wrangler, one thing is certain: It sells in droves. And, it's aspirational. While I do have a lot of co-workers asking me about Tesla and what I think, I also have plenty of 20, 30- and 40-somethings asking me about the Wrangler — especially after the Moab event where concepts are shown. 

This got us thinking. Should more automakers be going after the ultimate utilitarian's dream? Considering the Wrangler has just released an all-new generation (JL) Wrangler, and it seems to be a rather lazy effort, this may leave a gap for an all-new entrant to come online and dominate. 

If Ford plays its hand right, the Bronco may be the first vehicle that can actually challenge the Wrangler's dominance. 

BUT, what about other players? Some you may not have even thought of. THINK: Chevrolet/Cadillac, Nissan, Honda, Volkswagen, Hyundai/Kia, BMW, Toyota/Lexus.

What say you, Spies? Do YOU think other manufacturers should be going after the Jeep Wrangler HARD now that there is a potential opening in this segment?

Should MORE Auto MFR's Consider Building Jeep Wrangler-like Products?

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