It's funny. I remember when I first met Agent 001 years ago he would say things that, at the time, seemed wacky.

For example, one time we were standing at the Audi booth and we were both looking at the flagship A8 sedan. We both agreed it looked a bit stale. He turned to the R8 and said "I always wonder why they can't make that [pointing to the R8] look like that [pointing to the A8]."

On the surface some people would say "You can't make a supercar look like a sedan." They'd be right but they'd also be missing the point. Of course you can't make a mid-engine supercar look like a four-door, large luxury sedan. But you surely can influence the design and bring forward that aggression.

And today it seems like everyone is starting to accept daring, polarizing designs. Take, for example, the all-new Lexus LS. It has an awful lot of LC in its look.

That said, we fell in love with Mercedes-Benz's four door take on the AMG GT. When it debuted, it was easily our favorite car at the show. From every angle it was staggering. 

The good news? It got the green light for production and the cars been spied under research and development. 

While we've brought you previous spy shots, some all-new snaps emerged recently. I must say every time I see this vehicle I am getting more and more smitten. If the there-pointed star does it right, the Porsche Panamera is going to get buried.

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SPIED: MORE Great Spy Shots Of The Upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door

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