The automotive community is a small one. Relatively speaking, of course. 

In recent years there's been an influx of writers and presenters invading the space. To say it's saturated would be an understatement. It's kind of like when Starbucks was building stores across the street from each other. There's way too much supply and probably not enough demand when it comes to auto content these days. 

Having said that, the legit folks in the auto world all know each other and tend to have Facebook. Of course this leads to some funny and interesting happenings, and every once and a while there's a difference in opinion. Well, more than that. 

Recently some images were posted from the Road & Track story on the absurd Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared. Most people looked at the action shots and essentially said "Awesome!" Pretty normal reaction if you're seeing a nearly quarter million dollar vehicle doing jumps and fording water. 

One individual, on the other hand, seemed offended. Their reasoning was that most owners wouldn't be doing that and it was simply R&T staff having fun for sh!ts and giggles. More or less, this individual was questioning R&T's journalistic integrity. 


Note: Several people intervening ensured folks that safety was of the utmost concern and a professional off-road driver was present while this story was unfolding.

Funny, because there's probably 1,000 other ways that are far more relevant than the jumping of a G550 4x4 Squared, but whatever. 

So, what say YOU, Spies? Is this buff book story about the G550 a bit indulgent or is the staff doing a valuable service to show what the G550 4x4 Squared is really capable of?

So this is the most bonkers-ridiculous G-wagen that Mercedes has ever built?

Oh, hell no. A thousand times hell no. That would be the 6x6. Perhaps you remember that truck from Jurassic World, where it appeared on-screen next to man-eating dinosaurs and still seemed preposterously large and violent.

This is basically the 6x6 slightly tamed for normal use. Parking and stuff. Driving into city centers without crushing the errant Volkswagen or Parliament building. Whatever it is that normal, private-island-owning people do...

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AWESOME or AWFUL? Is This BUFF Book Story About The Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared USEFUL or USELESS?

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