For folks that are in the market for a $50,000 or so sport-utility vehicle, they're in for a wake up call. That's because it's actually pretty tough price point to find something. 

Why, you ask?

Well, it's sort of like this. You can get something from a non-luxury brand and get it loaded up to the gills. Or, you can go for a smaller luxury/performance-based SUV that may have less utility and options. 

There's a lot of options but the trouble is narrowing down your short list. If you were wise though you'd do yourself some good and take the Audi SQ5 for a test spin.

While I would have liked a more spirited design, the reality is that the vehicle is very capable and priced competitively. If you want something with some performance but not going to cost you an arm and a leg — e.g., the Porsche Macan — the four rings is worth a look. 

If you're in-market, you may do yourself some good by checking out what the good folks over at CAR magazine think of the Audi performance SUV. It recently published a brief review that may lend a hand if you're seeking something spunky for 50,000 clams.

P.S.: Fake exhaust design detail, Audi? Really?!

...If you want a performance car, you're best off with something like an RS3 or RS5, and if you’re after a car that can handle seven passengers and still give a fair amount of poke – you’ll need to get an SQ7. If, however, you want something somewhere in between, the SQ5 slots into the range perfectly. 

It's spacious inside, and looks handsomely proportioned on the outside – but it feels far smaller to drive. Lower down to the ground and considerably more powerful than the outgoing SQ5, the 2018 model's ride is only a little on the firm side when in Comfort mode – even on 20-inch rims...

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