Audi kicked off 2018 with substantial sales growth. In January, the brand delivered around 149,100 premium automobiles to customers worldwide, up 20.3 percent year-on-year. A sharp increase in China (+73.0%) in particular was a key factor, contrasting with the slowdown in sales a year ago as the company negotiated with its local partners. The brand with the four rings also again clearly increased sales in North America (+9.8%). In Europe (-2.2%), sales in January were, however, slightly below the record-breaking level from 2017.

“It’s a good start to a crucial year for Audi,” says Bram Schot, Board member for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG. “2018 will be shaped by our model initiative. But with this initiative we are laying the foundations for growth over the next few years.” In the course of the year the main focus will be on the full-size segment. The new A7 will be launched, and Audi will bring out the next generation of the A6, together with two brand-new full-size SUVs: the Q8 and the all-electric powered Audi e-tron.

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Audi's January 2018 Global Sales Soar 20.3% On Strong U.S. and China Demand

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