Nabbed working its way around southern California was an all-new "Mystery car."

Although Agent 001 and I went back and forth on this vehicle, it's a bit tough to decipher. And, it's not necessarily because the camouflage is that good. It's just the areas the manufacturer strategically chose to keep covered happen to be big tells in any new production model.

That and some design elements are popping up across many major automakers. Take, for example, that upturned line that draws attention to the rear fixed window. Acura, Lexus, Tesla and others are all implementing these influences. 

Our man on the prowl though, Fred Khaz, managed to snap some killer shots of the vehicle in action. In addition, he posted a video to his Instagram. According to Khaz it sounded "beefy." 

All said, take a really good look at this vehicle and let us know if its design is ringing any bells for you.


What is this? Sounded very beefy #Genesis #Acura #BMW #Kia #Hyundai

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SPIED on the STREET! What MYSTERY Car Was Nabbed Testing In SoCal? Can YOU Figure It Out?

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