I have to say, if there's one woman that's nearing 50 that has my heart, it would be this one. 

That's because, somehow, even as she inches closer to that milestone she's a total smoke show. She's either a vampire, has amazing genes or is has good docs. 

That said, Jennifer Aniston is single and ready to mingle, boys. So it should come as no surprise that only days ago she was seen looking fine while celebrating her birthday. But, as it is an auto site we do have to provide some car content. 

She rolled up in an Alpina B7, which is a bit of an odd choice. Usually the stars just get their regular model of choice and move on. Pretty cool, nonetheless. 

The party continues for Jennifer Aniston.

A stylist for the Friends star, Nina Hallworth, shared a trio of shots on 
Instagram Sunday documenting the A-lister's birthday celebration as she turned 49.

And another shared a group shot showing Jen hanging with her Friends co-star and close pal Courteney Cox...

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WHICH Hollywood A-lister Was SPIED In Skin-Tight Leather ROCKING An Alpina B7?

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