It looks like Mercedes-Benz is going to be keeping things interesting in its sport-utility vehicle product portfolio. While one would think the GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS and G-Class were more than enough to suit buyers, it turns out it isn't.

That's why the three-pointed star is working on something all new. Dubbed the GLB-Class, it will be a sibling to the B-Class offerings. 

The B is Mercedes' most compact and utilitarian offering. While the A-Class and C-Class are more stylish, the B is more of a MPV than anything else. Kind of a minivan without being a minivan, if that makes sense. 

The GLB will follow suit with a more blocky appearance that's meant to make the most out of a compact chassis. It has almost a G-Class or GLK-like appearance to it. 

What do you make of it? Get a closer look via the spy video, below!

Das kommende Kompakt-SUV Mercedes-Benz GLB (2019) als noch stark getarnter Erlkönig auf der Straße.

The upcoming compact SUV Mercedes-Benz GLB (2019) as still strongly disguised prototype on the road.

SPIED + VIDEO: All-new Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class SUV Nabbed In The White Stuff

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