I have to say ever since I saw the Toyota FT-1 when it mades its first debut at an auto show, I was completely blown away. It had such an amazing amount of style in its design and, boy, was it sexy. 
It was sensual and had just a little bit of LFA in it that I found myself returning to the stand several times over the course of the show. It wasn’t long before I was turned into a puddle. I was smitten. 
But, of course, like all concept vehicles, there’s a bit of something lost when you make it production ready. The bean counters must have their say, duh. So it’s no surprise that we’ve been eagerly awaiting the reveal of Toyota’s latest sports car, the Supra. 
And, we have good news. That may have just happened. Set to debut at the 2018 Geneva Motors Show (GIMS), the Supra will first appear revealed as a race car. Recall that Toyota did this previously with the racing of the LFA for Gazoo Racing. And, BMW has done this before — the latest example being the M8 GTE. 
The image we have for you was published in a Japanese automotive magazine and susbsequently posted on a Supra forum. 
So, what do you make of this? Is it the REAL deal or merely an artistic RENDER with no basis in reality?

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