Speaking of the all-new Toyota Supra, more news is inbound. It seems to be the Supra’s week!
According to our ace in the hole, Fred Khaz, word has been released about the all-new Supra. As we know it is a joint project car done in partnership with BMW, it sounds like it will receive a turbocharged, inline six-cylinder motor good for about 330 horsepower. In addition, there will be an overboost function a la the BMW 1M and M2 to provide an extra 32 lb.-ft. 
As of now there’s no word whether or not a manual will be optional. But either way, expect a traditional torque-converting, eight-speed automatic or potentially a dual-clutch transmission to find itself home in the all-new Supra. 
Side note: I heard that the all-new Toyota will weigh in at a modest 3,200 pounds. If this is true, 330 horsepower should be more than enough grunt but I will admit this seems like a bit low given the nature of the auto market at this point in time. 
If all that we’ve noted is true, are you happy or less-than-pleased with the figures presented?

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