I was flipping through my Instagram, as any millennial does these days, and I ran across an all-new post by my local Lamborghini dealer. It featured the cover image you see below with both an LM002 and the all-new Urus, side by side. 

Obviously, this gives you a great side profile perspective of both sport-utility vehicles that are quite different in terms of design. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the difference between the blocky, three-piece design of the LM002 and the more fluid, yet angular, Urus. 

But then I noticed the highlighted bits, which was weird. 

According to the post by the Head of Design for Lamborghini, these are bits that Lamborghini said are part of the company's DNA. The dealer said it was shared design language. 

Erm, really?

That said, I'll let you be the judge, Spies. Is Lamborghini shedding new light on the all-new Urus' design or is it STRETCHING the truth for marketing purposes?

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Is Lamborghini Shedding New Light On The All-new Urus' Design Or Is It STRETCHING Reality?

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