It doesn't take a rocket scientist to note that vintage automobiles are in high demand. It's not just sports cars, either. 

Check out the demand for old-school Ford Broncos, Toyota FJs and Land Rover Defenders. Hell, even Datsuns, original Skylines and the BMW Isetta are all getting love. Easily, this is more pronounced than ever before.

When I was hanging out in California last week, my mind was completely blown. I have been keeping an eye on certain used car markets and the Porsche 911 993 has been holding incredibly strong. If you have the right model in the right spec and in the right color, it may even sell for more than when it was new. But here's the crazy thing: In San Diego and San Francisco I saw 993s all over the place. 

I reckon I am seeing more 993s now than when they were new!

This begs the question, Spies: HOW have automakers FAILED to deliver vehicles that people want? There's a certain something that these old-school autos have that people want. 

Is it the cachet?

Is it having a different identity?

Is it the simplicity?

Is it the purity?

What say you, Spies?

Note: This isn't just a California thing. People are going nuts for old-school rides all over the place.

HOW Have Automakers FAILED? Why Are People MORE Interested In Vintage Rides?

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