It's not every day you receive an invite from BMW to come out for a couple days and drive most of its product portfolio in one fell swoop. But, we did. 

Agent 001 was invited to take part in BMW Group's Test Fest, which is how the holding company decided to introduce products from across the range — this includes BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce. Made up on mostly all-new products, there was quite a list to choose from. 

2018 BMW Group Models

That said, 001 got to experience the latest and greatest from the BMW AG trio. And, he had two options: On-track or on the open road as BMW brought him out to BMW Performance Center West in Thermal. 

To give you just a taste of what's to come, scope out his snaps from the event. As of now there's over 250 excellent shots that were taken in true AutoSpies steed: Detailed and with great affection.

2018 BMW Group Models

Agent 001 INVADES BMW's Test Fest And Gives YOU The Juice — OVER 250 Snaps Of Goodness

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