We applaud the spy who captured this excellent video of the all-new Toyota Supra at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show (GIMS). Spied getting put onto the stand, this is the closest look we're getting at the all-new Toyota Supra. 

While it may not show the vehicle fully revealed, this is the most naked we've seen it yet. Check out the bits that do get shown as the workers have to lift the cloth over the show car. 

Recall, Toyota will be displaying the all-new Supra in its racing form under the Gazoo Racing brand. This isn't the first time an all-new product has debuted in racing trim and this launch is highly anticipated for many reasons. 

So, do you like what you see so far?

#GIMS: SPIED! Caught In Action, This Is The CLOSEST You'll Get To Seeing The Toyota Supra BEFORE Its Debut

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