McLaren says its forthcoming three-seat hypercar, codenamed BP23, will be the fastest McLaren ever made with a top speed of more than 243mph – at which point “it will still be accelerating”. The car will be revealed before the end of the year...

...The BP23 will have a hybrid powertrain to augment the power of its twin-turbocharged V8 engine to vast levels, and it also needs significant changes to its carbonfibre passenger cell – which Palmer will only describe as “different” to the 720S’s – to comfortably accommodate three occupants.

Those power levels and the predicted high speeds, though, don’t come without complications. Andy Palmer admits McLaren is “pretty much at the limit of what tyres, as well as other systems, can do”. The realities of running consistently at speeds approaching – or perhaps beyond – 250mph are a significant step onwards again from 200mph from a tyre, energy and aerodynamic perspective. Palmer revealed previously that the goal of this car is "to give customers the ability to have a high level of luxury, bespoke elements on the car, high performance, high speed – a very much road-focused grand tourer"...

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