At 2:00 am — or, what it 3:00 am — the clocks moved one hour forward. Known as making Agent 00R misera, I mean, Daylight Savings time, it's time to spring forward. 

As with every time the clocks change, I knew that meant one thing: I'd have to help my father fix his clock in his BMW. For whatever reason, the guy just doesn't get it. And I've shown him multiple times.

So when I received a little meme care of Agent 001 I couldn't help but crack up. 

That said, I've got to ask: Do YOU know how to change your car's clock OR do you have to seek assistance? Whether it's opening the owner's manual, Googling or leveraging YouTube, it all counts folks. 

It's Daylight Savings Time, Folks — Do YOU Know How To Change Your Vehicle's Clock?

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