Worldwide around 130,950 deliveries (+4.6%)

China and United States as growth engines

Sales chief Bram Schot: “we keep on expanding our luxury-class”

In February the brand with the Four Rings handed over around 130,950 premium automobiles worldwide, up 4.6 percent year-on-year. China (+22.4%) and North America (+13.1%) once again substantially boosted sales. With the new Audi A6 which just was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi is entering the next phase of the model initiative. Worldwide the Audi Q5 (+26.8%) and Audi’s latest SUV, the Q2 (+38.9%) substantially drove demand. All the Q models account for 37 percent of Audi’s global sales.

“With the new Audi A6 we pushed on our luxury-class portfolio. Now we will start to expand. Later that year we will introduce Q8 and Audi e-tron as two totally new prestigious models,” says Bram Schot, Board Member for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG.

In China across all models, sales rose to 39,364 units, equivalent to an increase of 22.4 percent. The Four Rings performed well with the Audi A4, with demand for the midsize model increasing by 67.6 percent to 9,525 automobiles. Around one in four Chinese Audi customers opted for the long version of the Audi A4 in February.

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Audi's February 2018 Global Sales Rise 4.6% Driven By Strong Growth in China and U.S. Markets

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